Real Estate Panama tour with us

We are a local Broker owner of a small real estate company with specialized services to foreigners relocating to Panama.   In the past eight years we have had success in helping people buy their first property in Panama.   We have change from a website with many listings to a minimal site that serves a contact between the customers and us.  This way the satisfaction of the customer has been higher because decisions made based upon internet information without being present in Panama is the first mistake that an expat can make.

Nowadays, we are helping customers with this tour to:

  • Come to Panama for the first time with no problems to find where they want to go.  They avoid being lost and unnecessary heavy traffic.  This is the best way to do business while on vacation
  • Use Local knowledge of the city, provinces, and small towns in Panama.
  • Obtain Real Estate information in the area they choose.  We specialize in the Azuero Peninsula; however, we are licensed and can help you in all the country of Panama.
  • Save the inconvenience of renting and car, and enjoy the beauty of Panama without having to worry about driving.  At the end being transported and orientated cost the same as if you drive yourself.

The Tour Includes:

  • Car
  • Gas
  • Driver

Free real estate information

The Tour doesn’t include:

  • Hotel
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Others

This tour is offer by our Broker-Owner, who is a Panamanian resident educated through a scholarship in the United States, so, we are fully bilingual.